First Annual Art Residency in Brooklyn, New York

With your support, the 5-day Artifats residency experience will include airfare, superfat-friendly travel to museums & local art, plus meals, art supplies, and room to create in a superfat-friendly environment. A “Fat Art Salon” event will be held at the culmination of the residency for peer critique, collaboration, camaraderie, and celebration. The Artifats Residency is hosted by creator, Katy Maslow, in her Brooklyn, New York home and studio.

Financial Transparency: To cover the artists above-stated expenses, I am seeking funding for a low-cost estimate of $1000, and high-cost estimate of $2000. Any monies received that are in excess of the residency costs will simply go to the artist and help them live their life. The host will not seek any monies from the artist. All fundraising is done with the express intention of bringing a fat artist to New York, the center of art and commerce, without the impossible burden of hotel and transportation costs. Your help is greatly appreciated! Email with any questions.

2020 Artifats-in-Residence


“Thank you for supporting fat art. My name is Renée Bever (also known as Nay) and I’m a black, queer, and fat abstract artist living in Los Angeles. Originally from the Midwest, I moved to LA 9 years ago shortly after completing grad school in Boston. My art practice has always been part of who I am but has become more intentional in the last five years as I began to realize the barriers to calling oneself an artist are made up and that I got to decide who I was and how I spent my time. As a child, I painted for fun and to relieve anxiety and I still create for these reasons. I create emotional landscapes that tell many stories because storytelling is one my passions. For years I have shifted my own restlessness, anxiety, loneliness, or bursts of joy into creating work that spins these feelings into a tangible and vibrant reflection of what I’m feeling. When others find their own story in the pieces, it validates my own experiences and validation is one of the feelings I value the most. You can support my artistic journey on Patreon at and by following my art and process on Instagram: @gaudylosangeles and @blakkcupcake.”

How does it work? The first annual residency is slated for March 23rd – March 27th, 2020. Future announcements will be made for submissions to the Artifats-in-Residence experience on Instagram at @artifats_collection. Full transparency: As the creator of Artifats, and the sole admin, I hand-selected the first artist to get the program started. As I build this part of Artifats, future residency and art experiences may include online submission processes and grant funding. Stay tuned! I welcome your input. Please email with any questions or comments. Thank you for reading. -Katy Maslow