The Artifats Collection

Dedicated to taking up space in the art world by exclusively featuring the work of
fat artists, prioritizing QTBIPoC, disabled, and superfat artists.

What is Artifats?

Artifats is a collection of fat art made by fat artists.  Artifats celebrates fat activism and fat culture through art created from the fat experience. You can support Artifats on Patreon, or by purchasing merchandise on Society6 and Redbubble. 

Who is Artifats for?

In addition to being a comprehensive resource for academics in fat studies, Artifats is for the fat artists. Community, camaraderie, culture, and celebration. The future of Artifats includes curating a group show, creating an art residency, publishing a fat art book, and forming a peer review forum.

Who curates Artifats?

My name is Katy Maslow, and I am a fat artist. I started Artifats because there is not enough representation in the art world for fat artists and the genre of fat art. Professionally, I provide creative services for artists, makers, and small business owners.

How to Support The Artifats Collection

Become a Patron of the Fat Arts!

All proceeds further the building of fat community.

How to Submit to Artifats

Who can be featured?

Artifats is exclusively for fat artists. If you identity as fat, you are welcome to submit your work.

What kind of work can be included?

Artifats features all types of artists working in all formats. Send images, videos, recordings, poems, and more.

How to Submit:

with a selection of your work for review. You will hear from me within 1-2 weeks with more information. Thank you for your patience. 

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Artwork: Lucian Freud & Laura Aguilar